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Energy Saving Switches & Controls

About Elkay

The Elkay energy management range of timers & switches provides a simple and highly cost-effective way of saving energy.

With a wide choice of timer controls for lighting and other types of electrical loads, the Elkay range provides a fast track route to a substantial reduction in both energy bills and carbon emissions.

Carbon footprint

Climate change is a serious problem that affects us all. There is now an overwhelming body of scientific evidence that emissions of greenhouse gases are changing the world's climate.

Carbon footprint

Reducing energy consumption therefore not only saves money, but also will reduce our carbon footprint. The new Elkay energy saving range from Elkay provides a cost effective practical step along this important journey.

Backing up the science, the UK government passed the Climate Change Act 2008 which introduces the world's first long-term legally binding framework to tackle climate change. The Act aims to encourage the transition to a low-carbon economy in the UK through legally binding emissions reduction targets.

This is enforced by Energy Performance Directives, which now stipulate key areas for improvement in the energy performance of buildings.

The new Elkay Energy Range gives architects, planners and electrical contractors a broad selection of simple but highly effective solutions to minimise the amount of energy used in all types of commercial and industrial environments.

In a domestic setting, the Elkay Range gives an excellent opportunity to increase style and functionality around the home, whilst making an important contribution to the reduction in our carbon footprint at the same time.

Our products save energy and money from the moment they are installed providing an instant energy saving solution.

Energy survey

A free, no obligation, energy survey from Elkay has resulted in many business making instant savings on their energy and reduced energy costs.

Businesses of all sizes have never been more aware of the need to reduce energy consumption. Mention the spiralling costs of fuel Ė all of which contribute to make reducing energy consumption a necessity rather than a luxury.

But where do you begin? How can you be sure youíre cutting costs not corners? After all youíre in business to make aprofit and cannot afford to cut energy consumption at the expense of running your business.

This is where Elkay can help. Decades of experience in energy management have given us the expertise to come into your organisation and carry out a complete audit of your energy expenditure.

When we undertake an Energy Survey, we'll tell you not only where you are wasting energy but recommend practical steps, by utilising the Elkay Energy Range, to reduce waste and tell you exactly how much you'll save - in terms of energy output and money.

Itís a service which many blue-chip companies have already taken advantage of - and the savings can be staggering.

To reinforce these findings, one nationally known UK retailer has cut their energy bill for lighting in back room areas by a massive 87 percent at just one of their branches after implementing the recommendations made in their energy survey.

To find out more about Elkay Energy Surveys or to arrange one for your business call (02890) 616505 or email

Timers & Switches

The Timers & Switches range from Elkay provides a simple and highly cost effective way of saving energy, which can be easily installed in existing buildings as it can be incorporated into new build schemes.

Timers and Switches

With a wide choice of timer controls for lighting and other types of electrical loads, products across the Energy Sense range provide a fast track route to substantial reduction both in energy bills and carbon emissions.

From the Columbus® pneumatic time delay switch to intelligent pushbutton, touch and PIR timers, the Elkay range offers extensive features, attractive styling and practical solutions.

Outdoor timers & switches

Energy saving can now be extended to suit your outdoor requirements.

With this trusted range of Outdoor Timers & Switches, ambient and security lighting and power applications can be timer controlled in outdoor environments including parking areas and gardens.

Designed to give an IP rating of IP66, the easy to fit products are supplied complete with an enclosure, mounting screws, nylon washers and screw cover seals and are suitable for use with IP rated SWA, M20 cable glands or ATS Flexible conduit systems.

Offering a choice of push button, touch and PIR giving functionality, style and durability to outdoor energy saving.